I can’t shop online or walk through a store without looking at the packaging, reading the advertising, noticing the spacing, analyzing their fonts, wondering why the chose the colors… So much goes into a product launch or rebrand and every bit of it fascinates me. Here are some of my favorite brands who know how to attract a customer and keep them.


WEBSITE DESIGN - Apple simplifies. everything.

I remember a time when everyone was updating their left-hand navigation websites to big beautiful scrolling photos and tons of white space - thanks to Apple. The iconic photography and few words in the Myriad font. We tried to copy everything. Problem was, Apple didn’t need a bunch of SEO laced words - people knew where to go… The companies I worked for were much more complex, much more competitive and needed many many more words. The Apple brand pulls you in.


competition - starbucks: Meet mc donalds

Starbucks corners the market in custom espresso drinks, but when they implemented fancy egg McMuffins - Mc Donalds was not having it. McCafe launched espresso drinks to attract those frugal buyers who also need a greasy hash brown. It’s genius and I’m loving it.

merch - as my mom calls it: Tar-zhay

Target surprised everyone with a limited designer collection from Missoni in 2011. That was just the beginning. Luxury goods from Alexander McQueen, Jean Paul Gultier, Jason Wu and more soon followed. Fixer-Uppers (and Texans) Chip and Joanna Gains have joined the brands with their Magnolia goods. Oh you fancy, huh?

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 9.48.41 AM.png

online EXPERIENCE - NordyS

I’ve always felt fancy saying I got something from Nordstrom, I feel fancy browsing through their website. All the white space, the thin font that isn’t quite black. Something about it screams “next level”. I get free shipping and free returns - even the shipping boxes are nice. The old school brick and mortar store could write the book on how to be an online success. (*cough* Macys *cough*)


CUSTOMER service - the zappos example

Amazon purchased Zappos in 2009, and Zappos continues to keep it’s customer centric culture. According to Inc: Zappos' core values encourage people to "create fun and a little weirdness" and to "be adventurous, creative, and open-minded." You feel this when you shop, when you leave a review, and when you contact customer service. I’m a long-time Zappos fan because of the convenience and service.



I can’t live without my PowerPoint. I can use Google for calculations and documents - but I will pay the premium for PowerPoint. I’ve personally paid for Microsoft office on every personal computer since my first iMac purchase in 1999. The subscription even feels more cost effective even though I pay more! I don’t care, I love you.



It wasn’t until I took advantage of my own Google Drive - that I saw the benefits of file sharing, real-time community editing and archiving. Google has made this so easy I no longer feel tied to my iPhone or my Mac. I no longer use Apple Photos, I keep everything on Google Photos. If one day I want to try something different, I will be up and running the first day. Maybe I will finally try that Google Pixel.