Best-in-class Cliches

Best in class, state of the art, cutting edge... my thought is, if it says "State of the art" --It simply "isn't". I think this is the Paramount of all pet peeves...and I have a lot. (using "..." all the time, along with ! is also a pet peeve of mine, but when I blog... I do it all the time, so we are going to skip that one.) This site even posted the top 10 offenders for stock photography cliches. ah... the hairy knuckles shaking hands: one of my fav's. One of our brochures has two chicks shaking hands, the fake nails are even more disturbing for some reason.

This is an ace up your sleeve... Gartner has even written their own paper about how "not" to make your corporate overview. This was great, but of course, my corporate overview had everything on the no-no list: pie charts, revenue going up, talking about people as our greatest asset... and all that jazz.

To be blunt, this site has the entire enchilada:
Basically, anything on this list should never be said or written.

Needless to say, I've added some lame cliche's in here for ya, just to show you how annoying it is.