Hey Twit! I'm a Facebooker!

I did it! I'm an official twitter-er. (tweeter?) I think I've actually got the hang of this... and if I'm successful at my first official business TWEET, then @aurisauris will answer my request for someone with the Houston Chronicle Spanish section to write about Sergio Banuet, our latest transplant from Mexico! Wait, that sounds like a medical operation... he was the VP of Mexico Operations, but is now heading up the Houston Business Developement for Atos Origin. He is very engaging, I hope we get some face time!
I've also been able to locate some of the Houston Business Journalists, some people from the Chronical. FINALLY, I get to see some personality in these people to see how they would like to be approached. It looks like some people were forced to open a twitter account, but only sent one shout-out, thats it. Some have really got the hang of it and even have some LV purse connections... nice!
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