Social Media, and Corporate Email

Ok, so this blog post by Steve Mann is over a year old... but he has a point.

"I was told yesterday by SAP HR that I have to remove the link to my PERSONAL (this) blog from my SAP corporate email signature."

Do companies still think like this? Are companies still trying to keep lines between social media and corporate strategy? I like what a lot of people say in his comments. They say they like knowing who the people are behind the corporate wall. I think a lot of companies have grown in the past year. Has yours?

Has your company allowed expressed opinions and encouraged networking through social media networks? Is free networking encouraged, or is it moderated first?

I'd love to have more input on what you're company is doing today!

PS: I think SAP has come a long way from this, but I can't be certain. They have been recently ranked as one of the top "engaged" global brand y the