"Best" Videos? Says who...

This CloudAve blog link originally came to me from Twitter. I'm really into looking at videos these days, as we just bought our first video camera and are currently setting up the template guidelines for film and production.

CloudAve sites these videos as the "10 Best Enterprise 2.0 Videos and Presentations in the last month". First, where did they get these videos? How were the recommended? How were they rated? Are they based on content? Because they surely aren't based on time and effort put into production.

So I wonder... is it really necessary to go through all this trouble of production? Do people really listen to the video, kind of like a pod cast, and not really even look at it? It sure would be nice to know... especially if these videos can make a Top 10 list and be so amateur.

Of course, I like the Salesforce Chatter presentation, mostly because its FLASH, and not really a video. And I sure do like that voice over... nice.

Not only is this video awesome... Its like an EPISODE. While things like this are hilarious to me, are they good for business? Is this kind of production worth the effort? In my book. Absolutely.

That said... this is more the route I'd like to go. HILARIOUS in my book. It gained the most attention when it was actually "withdrawn" for being risque. In the world of viral video, that is GOLDEN.

and for good measure: www.youtube.com/atosoriginus