...and just like that, its over

Wow... It hurts a little seeing this photo. The fish being scraped off the wall of the TOC in Vancouver. Alas, the show must go on--or I guess the show must close in this case. The teams have had there celebration parties and everyone is either ready to try to find some resemblance of their normal Vancouver lives, or they move back home, or they move on to follow the Summer Games in London. The room is all but a sea of monitors either turned off or running the screensavers.

Ward Chapin, the VANOC CIO was kind enough to speak to a group of analysts and sourcing partners from the US during a trip in late February. He said a lot of the equipment is sold or donated, and the infrastructure that was improved for the games is there for the city to enjoy.

So, my question is what happens now? We have had our first successful global/social campaigning with these games, and now what do we talk about? Do we just let the blog die? Do we start talking about London (its 2 years away!)

I was thinking our Olympic time campaigning is much like the Houston Rodeo. The event consumes a city, then its gone as quick as it came up. And if I'm not mistaking this is the first year for Houston Rodeo to participate in the social media space, where you live and die by how much you communicate. So will the Rodeo continue to their outreach on myspace, facebook and twitter? Or will the postings cease until next year's line up? ...maybe--just maybe they are waiting for Atos Origin to make the first move?

To be continued...or not?