Super Social Sapphires - SAP marketeers know what they're doing

I attended my first ever SAP event known as SAPPHIRE in 2009. I had a great time. I was used to the way Oil & Gas trade shows worked, and this was my first cross-over event into Technology. If you're gonna do it, an SAP event is the way to go. Once you look beyond the unlimited Monster Energy Drinks, fancy coffee bars, and pretty little sandwiches, you get to see the energy that the conference holds. Different from 2009, I'm seeing the event managers stepping up to the social media market.

I already knew SAP was on the radar for one of the most "engaged" brands (right up there with Dell and Starbucks - wow). But I didn't quite notice it last year, like I do now. (This could be my own growth in the social media space.) Either way, these guys are doing a great job.

A website alone isn't enough anymore. You've got to be on Twitter, Facebook, and blog consistently about your activities. Gone are the days where people have time to read the entire event manual at once. We apparently like tid-bits of information at different intervals of the day. Like toddlers.

It is my job to make sure all the sales guys are engaged with the latest and greatest SAP marketing schemes we and the delivery teams come up with. I sent an entire newsletter all pretty, and jam-packed full of information. Once I sent it out, I get questions like: So, who's going? What are we presenting? Do we have a speaker? What is our giveaway?... grrrr... all things of course are in the newsletter I just sent out.

So, I might just have to step out of my old school ways and make these guys follow me on Twitter instead. But I'm sure I'll just get questions like: What is twitter? Do I have to get a facebook? Can you take a picture of me? ...all things of course are answered in my blog...

But, if you're reading this blog, then you are obviously ready to enter the new realm of communication. Congratulations. If you're one of our salesguys and you've seen this, then you my friend are AMAZING.

I'll eventually break through, no worries. In the meantime, catch up with these SAP Marketeers on all their different social media outlets. If the SAP Geniuses are reading this, please stop by booth #3121. I'd love to meet you!

...and yes, of course I'm already a fan!