Happy Holidaze! Acquisitions and Planning, OH MY!

Its that magical time of year again... snow is falling, Christmas lights are twinkling, everyone is singing, the kids are begging to unwrap their gifts under the tree. Ahhh.... such a serene life we lead.

Ok, well I'm sure that's in someone's house, but not here. In Texas we're enjoying 80+degree weather (and by enjoying, I mean suffering). I still have to do Christmas shopping, my kids are Lord knows where, and I'm still at work pumping out projects as a last ditch effort to finish them as promised in 2010. (Sorry, Pete, I'm working I promise!)

What happed to the end of the year when things calmed down? Maybe that's not true anymore, or maybe its just not true for me anymore. Atos Origin has shared some exciting news over the last few days. We're set to acquire Siemens IT Solutions by 2011 mid-year. As the sole seat for communications in the US, its is an exciting time for me, as the US operations is expected to triple in size. Its my first rodeo (that's Texan for my first M&A experience). Just like any other employee, I wonder what the next step will be...but as a Marketeer, it has me thinking on a different level.

I've interviewed employees who were part of an outsourcing transition. They spoke about how they didn't know if they would be chosen to stay in their current seat until end of transition, they spoke about worry, and spoke about times being tense. It seems this acquisition will be similar to a new contract for Atos Origin and Siemens. And honestly, that makes me feel better. All teams will have expert transition managers,  highly-trained HR representatives, and on-board staff who are no strangers to this practice.

I expect the next six months to be filled with tense communication, rapid market deployment of new strategies, documentation of all best practices, and committee upon committee to decide best steps for the way forward for Atos Origin. It's exciting to be a part of such whirlwind change.

As I finalize my work today, and hit shut-down for the last time in 2010...I'll enjoy my time off, enjoy the kids, enjoy the gifts I haven't bought yet, and just relax. For 2011 looks like a shotgun start!

See you on the flip-side folks!

Notice the tank-tops and boots. Texan Christmas Ya'll.