Jobs Update. Steve Jobs that is.

If I was any kind of decent blogger I would have updated my status since, "hey I have a new job, I'm awesome!" Truth is, this job keeps me busy. Super Busy. Super woman busy. It's crazy, but good crazy.

Tonight, I got online to make fun of my daughter's golf team website and pick it apart and discuss how much better I could have done it... (but never did volunteer--see paragraph 1). And what do I see on the yahoo home page?

Steve Job Dies.

Honestly, I'm crushed. This is a huge part of my life. Steve Jobs is exactly 20 years my senior. That gives him just enough time to create that amazing Macintosh 128k Graphical Interface.... or the Macintosh Classic? Probably the classic. I was in high school from 91-94. (Note to self delete all blogs when you are over 50). 

I remember being able to create your own icons for desktop files. I remember changing the trash can to Oscar the Grouch, "I love trash!" There was no color. We build entire double page spread layouts from a screen as big as my hand. We had an amazing set of fonts, lazerjet printer and a wax machine. That's all you needed to make a yearbook or newspaper back in the day. 

I truly believe I was part of something big. Such a huge difference from the macs in high school to what I use today. My daughter is in college with a MacBook. I'm typing this from my iMac. My iPad is named Schmoopie (because I love her), and I have not one but TWO iphones (work/pleasure). My very first home computer was the Bondi Blue iMac. I was a proud owner of that 2GB hard drive and that little smidge of RAM. 

Technology has become crazy fast in the last twenty years. I can't imagine life without my mac. I can't imagine life without the battle of Jobs vs. Gates. Without that rivalry, we wouldn't be where we are today. 

I read Steve Job's speech to the graduating class at Stanford just days after they announced his step down from CEO. I knew it wouldn't be long from there. I read that entire speech. (I have zero attention span so that's a big deal). He is an inspiring man. His entire life story is a journey. Make mistakes, but become better for them. 

He has passed as a truly remarkable sole.