Be Brief. Be Bright. Be Gone.

Have you ever taken an Insights test? I did. I'm red. Like, Super Red. Which means I'm impossible, yet fabulous.

Insights Profile descriptions
I like this version, because of Insights description, because it's personalized.
You can take your own little "mini" test here: It's a series of questions that puts you into colour categories. I imagine they use colour so you read the results with an English accent to make the news of your personality profiling a bit more enjoyable.

I like the idea of what my company is trying to do. Since we all work in different locations, some from home, some from different states, (arguably some from different planets)... we don't actually know each other very well, or know each other's communication style. The point of the test is to find out how we each give and receive input, feedback, data, opinions, etc. It's turned out to be helpful in understanding why people act the way they do.

I have always had a bit of trouble working with people who weren't as excited about what was coming out of my mouth as I was. I love spurting out ideas, getting all pumped up, brainstorming on the fly, and making decisions on a snap. Apparently, that's not the way everyone else works...and "apparently" that's not necessarily the best way to work.

Here's another version of the color descriptions. It's endless, really.

The test results actually crack me up. They tell people how best to work with Rachel. What Rachel likes, and what Rachel doesn't like. Here are a few of my favorites:
"...When communicating with Rachel, acknowledge her talent for leadership. Keep up with her pace. Be humorous, but don't humor her. Ask her, don't tell."
"When communicating with Rachel DO NOT steal her thunder. that's a good one. Do not try to hoodwink or mislead. What does that even mean? DO NOT appear slow, sluggish or too formal."
 So I read this insights to my family. They laughed at most of well as agreed with most of it. So how do I compute this kind of information? It's not all great, it's not all bad either. For instance, I thought my being able to make decisions on the fly was an awesome capability. However, my "lack of awareness" and "domineering ways" causes me to charge ahead with my own ideas before I consider the team. Wow... that's wrong?

That's ok, I'm also open to learning new things. I suppose admitting you have a problem is the first step. The profile also gives you tips on working with your opposite type. I'm putting these into practice today.
Take time to discuss all the details. Man, that's a tough one. Don't look for immediate answers. tic-toc, tic-toc.... Don't touch him or her. Whoa... I don't hug or touch. That's out of line. Don't feel it necessary to always be the first to speak. OMG. This is the hardest thing ever!

So just when I thought I knew it all, (of course I did, I'm red) I have much more to learn. I do find it much easier to learn new skills than to learn more about yourself. This is completely new for me. Wish me luck! When Blogging with Rachel, Cheer her on.