Going Native. In a conference room.

Digital Art Changes How We Ideate: Going Digitally Native with the Webex Board

Cisco Live US was one of the biggest user conferences I have attended. The event took over downtown San Diego and hosted over 30,000 attendees … First thing I noticed was the one of my team’s newest video conferencing devices as was front and center at several locations during the event.

I sat down with representatives from Freeman and ImageThink to talk about their experience with the Webex Board. ImageThink was hired by Freeman to live scribe and graphically record key talks. I’ve seen their work before at other conferences, but this time was different, this time, they ditched the paper and were going digitally native with the Webex Board.

Read the blog here: https://blogs.cisco.com/collaboration/digital-art-changes-how-we-ideate-going-digitally-native-with-the-webex-board?dtid=esolin000261&CAMPAIGN=Collaboration&Country_Site=us&POSITION=Social%2BMedia&REFERRING_SITE=LinkedIn&CREATIVE=cisco-collaboration