About Me

Doing what I love. Loving what I do.
This blog is for anyone who markets. And if you're anyone, you're marketing. You don't have to be working with a multi-million dollar budget in a corporate setting. If you are posting a resume, running for office, or trying to get your Facebook friends to volunteer for your kid's school carnival...you need to market. Marketing is a part of our everyday lives, and if you do it wisely, you can get the best return on what ever "it" is.

Its really easy to I'm a seventies baby, now in my thirties and I really think I've seen design and marketing through some amazing evolution. It all started when I became obsessed with journalism class in High School (Go Wildcats!). We designed the yearbook pages with an Apple Macintosh (you know the little square gray one, with only a floppy drive). The photos were developed in a dark room, with film (real film!), hand cropped, and key-mapped back to our printed grid layouts. Taylor Publishing then created our final layouts for print. It was amazing (at the time). I went from actually cutting photos with an exact-o knife to being able to use photoshop feathering and layers. I can hang with the old-schoolers who talk about "back in the day" and I can tweet with the younger crowd who speaks of the newest in digital editing.

Everything is constantly changing, and I learn something new every day. What was cool yesterday is lame tomorrow. I never get tired of my job. If you are bored with Marketing today, you're not doing something right!

I was born and raised in Texas, didn't leave the state until I was 18, never flew on a plan until I was 24, and had my first trip out of the country when I was 32. I haven't looked back since! Now days, airports don't frighten me, I'm known to take off to the pacific coast for a retreat all by myself, and I am always enthusiastic to help others what I've learned.