Marketing people will one day, rule the world

... ok, maybe not :) BUT-- I was impressed, yet again to hear that another Marketing MBA has risen! Dave Patzwald, who holds an MBA in Marketing, is the CIO of Schneider Electric. (read more about Dave) He has re-branded his IT department. By hosting parties, filming funny videos, and giving his team a creative environment to work in, Patzwald has been able to make his department a little more "human". Read all about it in this week's CIO Magazine Making IT Fun Again by Kristin Burnham.

But Dave... where is your Twitter? Where is your blog? A guy with these great ideas and momentum should take advantage! Don't let us IT marketeers down! :)

If you have your google alerts all set up, or you've had your daily dose of ego surfing, I hope you find my little blog, and have uploaded your video to YouTube. Send me a tweet, and let me know where I can see it. Either way, well done. I'm glad to see you're thinking ahead!