Words that make my day

It's Friday, so I figure a nonsense blog was in order. I like to fancy myself a writer, but I'm really not. I believe a true writer would be at home in her loft office looking out the window, large cup of coffee in one hand, twitter in the other, Labrador at her feet, thinking of the next chapter.

Instead, I'm sitting in my gray office, cold coffee next to a keyboard--wishing I could fit several of my favorite words into marketing literature. None of this will probably make sense, but it doesn't have to, it's my blog :)

Favorite words I wish I could use: snark, smitten, heckova, certifiable, fabulous, nice, muddling, aficionado, gazillion, instincts, genius, nice, or any mild profanity...

Happy weekend, I'm ready for a margarita.