yummy in my tummy

I'm in Vancouver BC right now learning the city before Atos Origin calls it home in February. We are the Worldwide IT provider for the Vancouver Olympic Games 2010.

While this isn't DIRECTLY related to marketing, I wanted to share one of my favorite things so far... I've been tasked to scour the city, looking over the venues, meeting with the media groups, and all the other things that make my job soooo tough. (I kid, I kid...)
So I'm checking out the local Vancouver Tours, I came across Denman Street. On the west end, which I've learned is the more "Swanky" part of Vancouver...very nice...densely populated...eclectic. I love it. We sat at a Greek restaurant, choosing it for its open sidewalk seating. Service was NIL... so we moved on. We found a delight, and indeed local favorite.

Two giant Hefeweizens later, we're served lamb burgers, yam fries, salmon sandwiches with a giant heaping helping of local hospitality. This adorable little restaurant gets a big thumbs up from me. The owner "Doug" came to visit our table and wish us luck in touring the rest of the city. Thanks Doug... we loved it :) http://www.centralbistro.com/

1072 Denman Street – a downtown restaurant in the west end Vancouver BC