TLC in the TOC

This was my first visit in the Atos Origin TOC (Technology Operations Center - or Centre depending on where you're from ;) I've worked with Magnus Alvarsson a few times over the phone, but never in person. It was a pleasure.

Dorien Wamelink, Atos Origin Olympic Marketing, and Jennifer Semilla, a tiny Vancouverite had us fully prepared for our visit, and off to a fresh start with a Coke cup of coffee. (Everything in the VANOC buildings is branded..did you know Coke made coffee?!)

See the pics from today's tour at
Each version of the TOC tops itself. Since the Athens Games in 2004, the Atos Origin TOC gets smarter and stronger. What amazed me the most is the thought processes behind the PEOPLE running the TOC and all the operations connected to it. Magnus says "Its easy to predict what the technology will do, we have to test the people reactions." In doing so, this equals years of hard work from a mixture of new members and old. All possible scenarios are exercised during strategically planned phases of testing.
There is so much to write about, I can't possibly put it all in one blog. I'll have to write pieces as I learn more. PS: Jennifer and Dorien: Can I PLEASE see what the uniforms look like?! :)