I see what you mean!

It's come to my attention that Powerpoint is an outdated form of communication. Really? Well, I agree...but only the way YOU use Powerpoint. Today, you can insert Flash files and even do slight animations that make an old ppt file look like a fancy work of art. We intend to do both in order to explain complex solutions that involve onshore, offshore, clients, b2c, b2b, front office, back office (shall I go on?)

Atos Origin UK has an amazing marketing group. They also have some of the coolest presentations in our portfolio! Thanks to their vendor "See What You Mean" Atos Origin UK has taken presentations to the next level. Check out the vendors website. Check our their website and find the clients tab. From there you can chose to see some samples of several projects they worked on for the UK group.

One of the coolest samples is for the London Games in 2012. Its completely interactive. Click on whatever you like to see a portion of the Games that we help deliver. This is a huge effort, and sometimes very confusing when trying to explain to customers. I really believe using multimedia will solve several issues.

Atos Origin has several solutions that sell "nothing". We're selling our technology, application skills, or our people. Its difficult to market without a widget. There's no pretty shiny picture of a solution, so you have to conceptualize it. Of course we can continue with flow charts, and maybe even some fancy visio with avatars... but hopefully, this trend of interactive multimedia will take hold and become the norm.

I just wanted to give a shout out to the UK...this stuff is AWESOME!