I'm so proud *she wipes tear from her eye*

This morning everyone in Atos Origin involved in the PR for the Vancouver Olympic Games and London Olympic Games got their heads together! For the first  time, we will send a release with multi-media attachments, hyperlinked text, custom videos, twitter feeds, and hey, I'm even blogging about it!

The web-savvy type exposure is a bit of a norm for my North America group. In fact, before we even saw the html version of the release we made our own version with buttons, images, and custom layout. When our list of media gets a hold of the release, they will have everything they need without having to read a word. (now that's MY kind of email!)

I would have shown the Global group the version our top designer made, but hey, they were so excited about the linked text, I just couldn't do it. After the exciting social fairy dust settles, I'll quietly send them the amazing release we made... Then, of course it will break my little heart of they don't like it. I kid, I kid... No, really it would. Seriously.

...and yes, I realize I didn't put a link to my fabulous release. It's not release yet! Hold your horses. I'll add the link in a comment on Monday. Have a great weekend!