Help Wanted: Branding Genius for Accenture

So, its no surprise that Accenture has decided to cage the Tiger. I was thinking about this just last week. Everyone was waiting for the sponsors to start dropping off. But to me, that's not the big deal.

I've got my heartstrings being pulled by every in-house marketeer, every branding police, every agency, and especially all the designers hauled in to help the company. Of course the business won't fail because their role model is a flop... but a brand isn't just a picture on your home page. It has to be developed, thought about, argued over, drawn, re-drawn, scrubbed, then done again.

For now, I see several winter sporting photos on their homepage. (I won't even mention the fact that it looks very similar to the Atos Origin branding around the Worldwide IT Sponsorship). The traditional green coloring has been changed to red. I expect (hope) that the troops are rallied and taking their vitamins! It's going to be a long haul for these guys. I feel for the team that has been up for the last week scrubbing the internet for every flash banner, all that airport advertising, those huge billboards, and even the pop-up booths for recruiting. Good luck guys... I can't wait to see the new you.