Must be something in the Atos Sphere TM

What's this? Cloud services branding without using an actual cloud? Well done, I say. The newest sevice launched officially as Atos Sphere TM today. As with any good corporately governed marketing group, the guidelines for this baby have been laid out well in advance.

First of all, the name is "Atos Sphere" not to be confused with atosphere, or atomsphere. Our main message to the public is that Atos Sphere allows you to "Shape the Cloud Your Way". This implies that we have several options for our clients, and no there is no standard. Then, we come to the SPHERE. I really like this look. It gives us creative types a chance to use some creative imagery. The sphere represents the cloud becoming "clear". Get it?

So, hip hip horay for the team. I'm glad you didn't use an actual cloud. With so many Cloud offerings out there, its getting harder and harder to be creative!