Why are we fishy?

I have to admit. I love this Atos Origin logo. Its just cool. But you may be asking, why do we have the FISH? I've done a little digging and here is the history I found behind it...lets take a look inside :)
Atos Origin and The Powder Blue Surgeonfish  
Why the fish?
It is our logo. It was chosen when Atos was created. It has become not only a distinctive and recognizable logo but the symbol of our values which in turn differentiate us from our competitors.

Future and nature is already a fusion for me.

 "According to the zoologist, future and nature in no way exclude each other because evolution, the constant development of all living things, is a future-orientated process, but however hard we try it is only understandable by us humans in the past tense." - Dr. Ekkehard Wolff.

If we take a superficial glance at the Atos Origin logo, one could say: "Yes, that is a fish; it is even a very beautiful fish."

Our fish was first scientifically documented in 1832 by a certain Mr Benett, who gave it the lovely sounding name of Acanthurus leucosternon. In English it is simply known as "the surgeon." The genus name, Ancanthurus, tells us that there is a sting on its tail. A weapon of aggression of the highest efficiency, its appearance and effect lends to comparison with a medical scalpel, and has thus given the fish its academic title.

In short, the surgeonfish has come to represent some of the qualities and values of Atos Origin: it is agile, efficient, responsive, bright and convivial. It functions in symbiosis with its environment but it can be competitive and defend itself with a weapon of "highest efficiency".

From a technical point of view, the surgeon is a highly specialized aquatic vehicle, and thus undoubtedly suitable as the logo emblem of a technology firm.