Simon Says Rachel is Awesome. Right?

Seriously. I pride myself on googling eveyone, everything I meet. (I've probably seen your kids photos on facebook before your grandma does). Maybe I shouldn't be proud of it, but sorry, that's just how I roll.

So I google, search, and tag everything to come to me automatically. Then of course, Simon Elliot had to go and mess up everything for me.

Apparently, the Atos Origin Scientific Community has gone off and created a Social Networking Track. I really thought I was on top of this! Sheesh. But honestly, I can't say how proud and excited I am of this crew that this is finally off and running.

Simon says, "Rachel has a practical marketeers knowledge of social networking that will prove invaluable in the build up to Q4 this year."

Why THANKS Simon! What an honor. I'll do my best in being as social as possible.. wait, is that what you want? :) I kid, I kid... Now, lets see who can find this blog entry now that I'm on the Scientific Radar! Thanks guys, I can't wait.

Rachel the Scientific Genius* can be found at:
*The confirmation of Rachel's Genius-ness has never been proven nor implied by Atos Origin.