Is my blog flat lining?

I have absolutely ZERO excuse for not blogging in the last month. I have been extremely busy with the Atos Origin Executive Forum for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. (Ok, MAYBE a little bike riding with our CEO in Stanley Park) But what was I thinking? Because of where I was and the fan-fare around it, I should have been blogging non-stop. But my twitter was low, my blog was dead, and the facebook fanpage had zero entries from myself. (Thank you Queen Victoria)

But this is my own blog, so I can virtually pick it up and put it down whenever I like. Or no? The way I see it, people read the news or the "blogs" when the blog comes to them. I'm not exactly sure I've got any avid readers following me day after day (little creepy maybe). My vision is that people see the news feeds on twitter, have their google alerts all set up, and they check my blog when it happens to cross paths with their favorite searches.

Can I get a witness? Anyone hear me out there?

THAT SAID: I wouldn't read a blog entry or give it any credit if it were only one every 6 months. I wouldn't "believe" that person, or wouldn't feel such company or brand was creditable. I am very web-design-update-biased.

So basically, I believe everyone is like me and shouldn't deviate from my blogging patterns.