I want to drive the Marketing Experience!

Wow, where have I been?! Apparently, Girlfriend Getaway is the new term for "staycation"... and Chevrolet has got the market covered in that arena. http://www.girlfriendgetawayhouston.com/

I've heard the radio commercials that offered free massages for a test drive. Good for them I thought. But why haven't I heard of the Girlfriend Getaway?! Who knows, but I'm glad I did. The gig, find several metro based women to drive a Chevy branded car and blog, twitter, facebook, and vlog all about it on about it in front of the camera.

Now, I don't need a car for four weeks, but I sure could use a marketing high for a month! MAN! what a fabulous campaign. My hats off to Velocity Marketing for spinning this campaign. I really can't wait to see the ROI from this. The branding among women is phenomenal.

Looks like the first campaign was Mommy Madness in Houston. They had the Traverse to test drive. They were a bunch of soccer moms... pfft. I want a cool car. I'd like to take out some clients, video some of the "hoity-toity" women around our Houston Galleria office... Let's see what these chicks really think. The car looks fabulous. Would they even know what they were getting into? It would be cool to have a "hidden camera" type video blogging. I'd like to take a bunch of these IT geeks around. What do they think about the gizmos? I'd take my 16 year old daughter out with her friends... is it cool enough for them to be seen in? Will the valet guy leave the Malibu all shiney and up front at the Hobby Center? Will the Malibu go with my Cheetah dress when I go on date night with Toddy? Ah... maybe I should just do a secret campaign if I don't get picked. I'll do my own test drive! :) That would be awesome.

Anyway, its a great campaign. Get some known social media experts with legit backgrounds and steady stream of acceptable comments and reviews. Even if I don't get chosen (which you should totally pick me) I'll be watch the stream of comments from the campaign. But man! with all this campaigning... shouldn't you be easier to find? :(

With love, Future Marketing Engine --I mean Malibu Test Driver :)