Wanted: AMA Mentor

Ok, so the marketer of the year isn't me (dangit). But I have good reason! I just now joined AMA Houston. What was I thinking? All this time, I've never been part of any organized group dedicated to my everyday work. This is my first one. 

I've been to PRSA group meetings, seminars, and have even been to some of the AMA stuff. I just never joined. I think I am secretly scared that I'll get too excited about it, become an over-eager participant and volunteer (or get volunteered) to death. I'm not one to join a committee without being devoted.

I feel like AMA is something I can devote some time to. I feel a little better when I see things like their blog, their postings, their database, award ceremonies, and such that give us marketeers somewhere to think. And I really like the idea of thinking locally and with focus. One of my goals for this group is to find me a marketing mentor. No, I dont want a job from you, (I have one--Go Atos!) I just want your lunchtime, your brain, your years of experience, what worked, what didn't? Everytime I think I've mastered something, I realized I'm only at the beginning. 

So, fellow AMA-ers. I hope to meet you and lunch with you soon.