Feeling tweet-ledee or tweet-ledumb?

So how do you chose a technology to promote your business? Do you need to use all of them? If you don't know what to do, do you do nothing? I saw an article called "To Tweet or Not to Tweet" on a cover of some magazine that was inadvertently thrown away before I had a chance to read it. (happens a lot) So I google it today, and there are multiple articles ranging from The Huffington Post, The New York TimesSuccess Magazine, and blogs.  There are several arguments for each faucet of every opinion, but this is my blog, so I'm just giving you my non-referencable opinion :)
Let's say I want to buy something whether it's a pair of shoes, hotel stay, housekeeping service, a new house, or a new laptop, I'm going google it. I'll check for references, likes-dislikes, are they innovative, is it cutting-edge, endorsements, corporate culture, and more...If I'm tweeting, facebooking, blogging, and at minimum have updated websites I can steer my prospects and customers to the content I want them to read.
My point is, if you are not active in these spaces, you will be lost. Your great offerings, custom designed printed flyers might never make it in the hands of your client before they make a decision. Its our job as marketeers to make certain everyone can find our products and services.
So back to my point. Do you NEED to be in all of these spaces? My answer is no. And yes :) As you become comfortable with each of the new tools, implement them into your daily routine. Kind of like a diet or exercise regim. Slowly implement at a regular speed so it becomes a part of your every day. If you try to do everything all at once you're going to just quit, and end up fat. end up off the SEO radar!
My co-worker asked me the other day, but do you really think Facebook, blogging, and twitter will last forever? Nope, I don't.... nothing lasts forever, but this is part of evolution and we're in it. So embrace it!
I'm going to be working on this theory with our new SAP Global Campaign for Atos Origin. So far, I have a twitter and facebook page. They virtually have the same content, but soon they will  be picked up by other global marketeers and Atos Origin SAP users around the globe. I'll keep you updated...