My new title: Jack of all Trades

So, I'm sitting down this morning with my work mentor (I like to refer to it as my personal counseling), and we came to the conclusion that being a "Jack of all Trades" isn't all bad.

I decided a long time ago I liked design. Then, I decided I liked PR, no wait--trade shows...and multimedia..oh! Maybe I should just be a "marketeer"? Well, I've been doing this for about 13 years, I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. Now, Marketing has encompassed personal client outreach, analyst relations, industry knowledge, social media, community relations, and even more. What's a girl to do?

We talked this morning that maybe its OK to be a little scattered. It seems that gone are the days where you could hire one person to do one job. I like working in groups, I like volunteering, I like my social media attempts, I like project management... Perhaps if I stop trying to find my niche, and just embrace the mayhem that is "my work", I'll find the inner peace that I've been looking for.

I've been invited to join our Global Marketing campaign groups, flying into Paris to get face-to-face collaboration meeting time; I work directly with the service lines to make sure their vision is what we are selling; I'm working on proposals to make sure our clients are receiving the most up to date information. And at this very moment as I feel overwhelmed, I'm writing a blog about being overwhelmed. :)

So, how do I skim the top of all these projects, and still dive deep enough to create impact? I'm still working on that part. For now, I will continue working with my team to deliver on all our promises.

Question for you... is it better to under promise, over-deliver? or to Offer the moon?!

*Note to self: Used 7 Cliche's. Re-read first Blog post.