Necessity of a Mentor: Your catalyst to the next step

I'm probably the best* case study for mentorship there is. (*as she toots her own horn) I was launched into the workforce directly from high school and have worked under some amazing people who saw my potential and kept me under their wing. Each person willing to let me go to the next step, and proud to keep in touch and watch me grow. I attribute my mentors to being able to get where I am today.

Confessional here: I don't have my college degree *gasp*. I know, I know. It's crazy to think that a kid can even get into the corporate world without it. While I don't recommend it to anyone, I'm proud of my accomplishments so far. I am still young, and am waiting for my girls to start college before I go back to finish my own course work. But that's not what this post is about...

I wanted to give a shout out to the people in my life who have made a huge difference in where I am today. Being able to grow up and work with such amazing people have given me the skills, endurance, patience, and drive to move ahead to my next challenge. If you can't look back on your life and say WOW-- That person really made a difference... then maybe you should start looking for them!

  • 1975: My mother... Mentor since BIRTH!

  • 1985: My aunt... Because she taught me how to paint and appreciate art

  • 1991: My teacher... Mrs. Linda Winder for teaching me to do more, be more than I thought I could do

  • 1998: These were my "wonder" years. I just wondered around, not really knowing what to do. This is where I go back to my mom for help. (See Mentor 1)

  • 2000: My SLB friends, Julie and Stephen taught me corporate world necessities. How to dress, how to network, how to look beyond where you sat.

  • 2003: Mr. Hutton... Best quote ever: "Your reputation doesn't follow you, it precedes you." This made me start thinking about how I wanted people to perceive me, and what legacy I wanted to leave.

  • 2008: Mr. Schebler... When I started at Atos Origin I thought he would be the death of me. Today, I've learned to "Speak Ryan" and learned that he expects more out of me and my department than I thought possible. I can honestly say my skill set has tripled since working with him because he is TOUGH! 

  • 2010: Mr. Cyran... Mark is my current mentor and the first one in an official capacity. We're in complete different lines of work: he, the VP of a Service Line and me, the manager of a Shared Service. We're able to learn from each other. He has been a great mentor and I'm looking forward to learning more. I've been able to look at my job in a whole new way.
So, have you thought about it? Who are your mentors? I also have high hopes for making a long list of mentees. Am I on your list? Kayleigh Kannady, I'm lookin at you :)