The Oprah Effect

The Oprah Effect has been reported by several media outlets. I heard it again this morning on NPR. They were talking about the implications of Oprah going into retirement. How she has changed Chicago, provided jobs, and how her "Midas touch" has rippled throughout the community. "What now? they asked. What will happen to Chicago once Oprah retires?"

This really got me thinking... not that I'm any where near retirement age, but when I do retire, or go on vacation, or change positions within the company... will people freak out? Has "The Rachel Effect" rippled throughout my organization? I certainly hope I am making my mark within the company, but at the same time, I'd like to think the organization has been set up to run, no matter where I am. I plan on leaving a legacy for anyone to follow or research. Do you do the same?

I saw a tweet last week that said, "Never teach everything you know." I have to say I think completely opposite of this. I enjoy teaching others how I learned something, sharing new found shortcuts, and keeping everyone up to date. Is this naive? Do other managers not do this?

Has Oprah not left a legacy? Is she leaving her over 400 employees without jobs upon her retirement? Or will she keep the Oprah Effect going by endorsing her replacement? It will be interesting to watch.

Has Your Effect been documented and taught to those around you? Or are you taking Your Effect with you? I'm interested to hear...