I have a new job

I really really thought hard about this blog post title. I thought of creating something sentimental, maybe something with a "fish" reference, or maybe something cute. When it boils down (as my mom would say) I really just want to talk about my new job.

I will be a Senior Marketing Programs Manager at BMC Software. I hope to make a big splash (unintentional fish reference) in the Mainframe buzz for this Houston based software giant. I'm super excited. I already have my first week mapped out from my new employer. I can't tell you how exciting that is. I'm geeked out about schedules, meetings, meeting new people and my company iPhone! (burning ceremony for my Samsung Blackjack this Friday)

My twitter account remains the same @RachelMacik, and this blog will still be about marketing, and how my everyday life events spark marketing thoughts and new ideas for my company. Only now, the company is different. I am still focused on B2B marketing, still for an IT company. BMC has actual products, which makes my job more exciting. I'm very much looking forward to sharing the journey with my readers.

Meanwhile, I would never neglect my Atos Origin comrades! It's been an amazing journey with you all. I've made my first international trip with you, I've attended my first Olympics, I even had my first Amex Corporate card with you --that's special. Good thing is, BMC and Atos Origin are vendors and customers of each other... we are very likely to cross paths again! Here's to building the future!

Thanks Atos :)