Cross Pollination for the Greater Good.

I'm not job hopping-- I'll refer to it as "cross pollinating". (And yes, I'm totally stealing this from someone else's mouth.)

I met with my new brand police top ranking general in my new company. He is from California, I'm sitting in Texas. He talked about how in California the cross-pollination between technology companies is so amazing. People go from one company to the next "cross pollinating" their ideas as they work with new teams. I have fallen in love with this term.

cross-pol·li·na·tion (krôs p l -n sh n, kr s -). n.  fertilization by transfer of pollen awesomeness from the anthers of one flower to the stigma of company to another 
This definition is right on. I honestly can't wait to meet everyone that I work with and find out what I don't know. I like to think I'm all knowing of all things, but because I'm all knowing, I also know that I don't know everything. Sigh...

My first week was meeting after meeting to meet people whom I've never met. I'm going from a team of three who did all things marketing, to a team of hundreds. Literally. This is a completely different work-style for me. I'll be just one person in a long trail of marketing professionals who will make go-to-market decisions. Honestly, this will be a little tough at first. Its been so easy just to pick things up and finish them myself. Now I'll have to wait and beg just like everyone else.  I thought I knew teamwork before, but honestly, that was just a sliver of what I have in store for me at BMC.

My first week is over, and consisted of meeting everyone, finding out where the coffee was and getting to know the process of everyday work at BMC. My second week should be hell week. This starts tomorrow. I'll finally meet my boss, I'll find out what my objectives are and I'll start pollinating.

I really can't wait. I'll be keeping my readers updated. I've set up my community page at and will soon be interacting with the public in behalf of the company. I even received some Atos love. Seems like cross polination has begun!