Your Marketing Baby is Ugly.

I hate to tell you this, but your baby is ugly. No matter where you are in revising your website and your content plan, you're behind. Someone, at some company is doing it better.

The first step in building a kick-ass marketing program is realizing you have a problem. Marketing is all about telling your story. Does your website tell everything you want to say? Better yet...does your website give potential customers everything they need to make decisions? AND EVEN BETTER... if someone doesn't know your company exists, can they find you by other means?

If these questions scare you. Your baby is ugly. Read this recent

Inc. Story about Spanx creator Sara Blakely wrote about her companies' story. I come across a lot of articles I intend to read, but end up skimming them, but this call-out caught my eye. "In a world where people have a lot of choices, the story may be the deciding factor."-

Nick Morgan

Your story helps people decide to buy or not to buy. #spanx for example
— Rachel Macik (@RachelMacik) January 21, 2014

Man. [wipes tear] That's just beautiful. So true. No matter what I want to buy, I have choices. Houses, cars, clothes, purses, puppy things... anything - I have a choice.  And the company and what they stand for is a big part of why I buy from them. Is it easy? Are they legit? Do they have pretty marketing? (That's biased, I know - but it's true.)

Truth is. Your story matters. Your story TODAY matters. Don't tell the story from 10 years ago. Let's update it. How are you relevant


? How can you make an impact



Let's not decide how to fix these things just yet. Let's just decide to be open to change. Let's be open to the fact your marketing baby might not be perfect. Go for a walk, have a nice dinner. Just consume the information. I understand. Things like this aren't easy. Take your time. I'll be back.