content strategy

That voodoo that you do...I don't know how to do

I've officially made my third post on LinkedIn, this one titled: That voodoo that you do.

It's pretty interesting to me how vastly different each of these posts have performed. As of this blog post, I have nearly 10,000 hits on the first one and haven't hit the 200 mark on the second ones.  See all posts here

I remember Joshua Merritt of Hook and Lasso once told me not to be obsessed with the numbers... but I can't help it. I'm an ROI kind of gal. I can't help but wonder (channeling my inner Carrie Bradshaw) What is it about these posts that drive the most traffic? The title? The content? Why click? Why view one over another? 

Either way, I'll keep going. I don't have a particular cadence decided. I'm writing when I feel inspired and I feel it's something that someone can benefit from. I also like creating my little guy with Paper 53, so maybe I'll just keep blogging until I get tired of drawing :)